The Alexander hat

3 800 kr

Collaboration with renowned Australian hat maker PHYLLi. Handmade to order and delivered in 4 - 6 weeks, packaged in a travel hat box. Personalise your hat with MADE 4 YOUR NAME stamped into the sweatband (+144 SEK/13 USD/ 12.5 EUR). Email us at and we will add this to your order. No discounts are applicable to this product. 


- Premium felt in Camel

- Japanese grosgrain double bow in Taupe

- Japanese grosgrain brim trim in Taupe

- Sari silk trimming in Copper

- Suede string in Chocolate featuring timber beading

- Hand-stitched crosses in Taupe (front right)

- 100% silk lining and leather sweatband

- 10cm high crown (variations available) 

- 9cm wide dipped brim (variations available) 


Heads come in all different shapes and sizes. Plus, we all like to wear our hat differently!

To make sure you have your correct hat size, you'll need to measure the circumference of your head. Do this by wrapping a measuring tape around the crown of your head, placing the tape one to two fingers width above your eyebrows and one finger above your ears. Alternatively, use a piece of string and then measure the length.  

Whatever your measurement, add 1cm to determine your correct hat size. eg head measurement of 57cm wears size 58 hat. Whilst the leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time, hats do not stretch. 

Look to the size up for in-between (half centimeter) sizing and place a piece of foam tape underneath the brim until you've worn in your hat. 

Should you find your hat ordered not to be your correct size, we will do our best to help out. If you think you might need your hat resized and foam tape isn't going to do the job, you can send it back to Australia and order a re-sizing for 357 SEK (33 USD/31 EUR). Email us at and we will help you with this. 

There are two ways people most commonly wear a hat:

Flat on top of your head, one to two fingers width above the eyebrows


Tipped back on the crown of your head, so the brim sits just at the start of your hairline.


Each hat is handmade by the team working from PHYLLi’s vibrant flagship store and production studio in Scone, a small country town in New South Wales’ Upper Hunter region. The horse capital of Australia, Scone is surrounded by some of Australia’s leading thoroughbred properties, with the name PHYLLi paying homage to both Laura’s middle name – Phyllis – and the young female foal, the exquisitely formed filly.

Famous heads that sport the designs includes Elsa Pataky, Delta Goodrem and Matt and Lucy Damon.

This product is excluded from all discounts. 

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