Yoo-Ri Ha

We teamed up with the talented designer Yoo-Ri Ha

Yoo-Ri Ha is a Stockholm based designer with many years of working experience from the fashion industry. It was a fun and dynamic process to create a collection together and bring in our different perspectives. 

"Movement is all for me. I wanted to fuse style and elegance with flexibility and comfort and add a touch of freshness and spring to it. I thought that would fit Aisling Equestrian perfectly".  

Fitting with a model and designer trying on a beige jacket

It is a small capsule collection where we have payed great attention to the details.  All pieces are meant to be able to combine with one another which has affected placement of seams and other details so make the full impression flawless. 

The color palette

A lovely tan color is the core in the collection, mixed up with yellow and crispy lilac. The playful color combination adds a fresh and vibrant touch. 

Young girl dressed in beige riding clothes standing in front of a white horseCollage of 3 images. Same lilac/tan shirt in focus.