Guide - knee patch or full seat breeches?

We often get questions about the different kind of breeches - should you go for full seat or knee patch? Here we will try to sort it out for you. 

Full seat riding breeches 

This means that you have suede (or silicone) grip all the way from the inside of the calfs up to your seat. You get a steady grip in the saddle, which in particular dressage riders prefer. But a full seat also gives some extra security which is great if you for instance have a spooky horse. We use faux suede for all our breeches since it has a classic and beautiful look. The vegan suede is carefully chosen to keep its soft hand feel wash after wash. Silicone grip can be very sticky and sometimes even cause damage to your leather saddle. 

Knee patch riding breeches 

This can also be referred to as half seat breeches and here you only have patches covering the inner knees. It allows you to move more freely and easier rise in the saddle. The knee patches give extra support so your knees are more steadily attached to the horse. This option is often preferred by jump riders, hunters and eventers. 

Jumping female rider wearing